2022 Colorado Emergency Vehicle Technician Academy

Location: Aims Community College Windsor Campus

Dates: August 1 – 52022

Times: 8:00am – 5:00pm


Class size will be limited.

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All classes are Mon-Thurs. EVT testing is available onsite on Friday, however testing must be registered for separately. Follow the link to register for EVT Testing. http://www.evtcc.org/

**Class if Full** CLS1: Pump Maintenance & Repair

CLS2: Aerial Maintenance

CLS3: Apparatus Electrical

CLS4: Tire Management/Air Brakes

CLS5: Basic Welding

CLS6: Fire Pump Accessories

CLS7: Cummins ISL9/X12

Detailed Class Descriptions:

COEVTA Class Descriptions 2022 (Click HERE)


Instructors: W.S. Darley

4 Day Course

Class Overview: This course is designed to acquaint students with all levels of experience with the principles, theories, installations, applications, and standard inspection practices associated with fire pump maintenance, repairs and annual pump testing requirement for pumping fire apparatus. This course provides a working knowledge of common pump types, pressure controllers/governors, installation of various fire pump components and related accessories. Practical hands-on experience will improve the ability to correctly draft and flow water to analyze pump performance and implement accurate fire pump testing, tank-to-pump flow testing and testing Intake Relief Valves. This class covers a wide range of current NFPA 1901 and 1911 Testing Standards as well as fulfills the primary education requirement for EVT Fire Apparatus Technician Level I Certification requirements for the EVT. This class will consist of classroom and hands-on training.


Instructor: Mike Adams / Chris Baker

4 Day Course

Class Overview: Aerial Maintenance and operations. This class will have info needed to obtain EVT F5. This class will also consist of in class instruction on NFPA 1911, NFPA 1901 standards as they apply to the maintenance, inspection and specifications of aerial apparatus. There will be hands-on instruction in proper aerial maintenance and inspections. We will spend a ½ day looking at aerial failures and how they have affected the current standard that aerials are built to today. We will also address failures that have occurred due to lack of maintenance. This class will consist of classroom and hands-on training.


Instructor: Kevin Roberts

4 Day Course

Class Overview: This Electrical Class is designed to prepare the students to take the EVTCC E-2 Electrical Test and much more. It delves into Electron Theory, AC and DC circuits, Critical Thinking Skills, diagnostic principles, proper use of diagnostic equipment, networks/multiplexing and gives the students opportunity to apply what they learn with hands-on experience. We offer instruction regarding the use of the Test Light, Digital Meter, Scan Tool, Lab Scope, Thermal Camera, Power Probe, Back Probes, and Jumper Wires. We bring test boards that can be configured to allow the students to find voltage drops. We test relays, loads, inverters, and other electrical components. This class will consist of classroom and hands-on training.


Instructor: T.J. Tennent

2 Day Course

Course Overview: This course is designed for Government Fleet Managers, Fleet Managers, and Law Enforcement Personnel.

At the end of this course the fleet manager should be equipped to:

  • Determine the proper tire and tire application for his/her fleet
  • Determine if the fleet is getting the proper mileage out of the tires
  • Determine why the fleet tires are coming out of service (if removed before wear out)
  • Significantly reduce fleet liability
  • Understand the difference between Passenger, Euro-Metric, Euro-Commercial, Medium Commercial   and Commercial Tires and how they should be applied.
  • Understand vehicle loads vs tire pressure
  • Know which brand of tire they should use and why
  • Know what tires are good for their Emergency Vehicles
  • Determine tire maintenance procedures for their fleet
  • Will be able to show fleet savings in dollars


Instructor: David Plumisto

2 Day Course

Course Overview: This course is designed to teach overall air brake system theory and operation, including major system components and valving. Students will learn common diagnosis and repair procedures of the air brake system and wheel end braking systems including ADB and drum brakes.


Instructors: Mike Hanscome/Kyle Cadarette

4 Day Course

Class Overview: This is a basic welding class. This class will include 2 days of MIG welding and 2 days of TIG welding. This class will be taught by 2 AIMS College instructors in the Automotive Technology Building. All supplies and PPE will be provided. This class will consist of classroom and hands-on training.


Instructor: Jay Powell / Safe Fleet

4 Day Course

Course Overview: This course will include hands-on and didactic training of all pump accessories including, discharge and intake valves, transfer valves, intake relief valves, discharge relief valves, pilot valves, foam systems, coolers. This course is designed to teach common diagnosis and repair practices typically performed in most fire apparatus repair shops. 


Instructor: Cummins Pacific Region

4 Day Course

Course Overview: Instruction provided by Cummins engine trainers. This course will include hands-on and didactic training covering introduction, operation and maintenance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of the Cummins ISL9 and X12 engines.

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