Plan, organize, and lead at least one training delivery program that will
proceed to the eventual certification of mechanics. As part of the
Annual Academy; provide other courses, as desired by the students.

  • Develop Uniform Curriculum
  • Insure Consistent Educational Delivery
  • Delineate Faculty Standards
  • Review, Evaluate, and Refine the Program Periodically


Certify all fire apparatus mechanics to appropriate levels based
on established fire apparatus industry standards.

  • Participate in a Recognized Standard for the Certification of Fire Apparatus Mechanics
  • Establish Outreach Training to Facilitate Administration of the Certification Program
  • Encourage the Certifying Agency to Establish a Registry of Certified Fire Apparatus
  • Correlate the Fire Apparatus Mechanics Certification Program to Industry Standards Relating to the Delivery, Warranty, and Certification of Fire Apparatus